terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2006

First Post

I haven't made up my mind yet... but I think I will write everything in English so my friends from home can practice their English... and my friends all over will still be able to be in touch with me.

I work from home... I am a mother of three... so many challenges I face... like:
how can I balance my working hours and my time with the kids? Work takes time, being a mother takes time... and time is valuable... both for us as a parent and for our kids, so... on my rare spare time I will try to post here some recipes (that's why I started my blog, all those cooking books gotta have some use!), ideas, encouraging words, pictures of crafts I make etc. OK, call me supermom, I have heard this before, especially in a country where having three kids is so unusual, but I cannot imagine my life now without my three boys, it seems as though they have always been a part of our lives.

I got married in 1994, started my own business in 1996, had my first son in 1998 (every two years something big happened!), then again in 2001 our second son arrived and I continued working with the support of a good lady who would come at 8:30 am and leave around 5:00 pm and helped me with cleaning, cooking, laundry, and of course, our babies. By this time my oldest was going part-time to daycare, I had no choice, besides... my sister-in-law is a good day care provider... (OK I am lucky!).
Our family was not complete... our plan was to have 3 kids... I miscarried twice, I swore I'd never get pregnant again, but then an overseas trip happened... and again that old feeling of having a big family hit us so strong, and we decided to try again... so, that's how we ended up with 3 boys and completely happy! This is getting long and no one will read it through...

And how I came across blogging??? Good question... a friend of mine, Cinara, who also likes to cook, has her own business and has been a long time friend said something about a nice food blog... OK, I've put on some weight since... but I do not regret... and my family can't complain either... our evenings and weekends have become even more delicious!

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  1. Bem-vinda ao blogspot, Cris!! Adorei o template que você escolheu, e as fotos estão lindas... E agora eu posso comentar tudinho! :o)
    Beijos, amiga...

  2. Cris, é bom saber como tudo começou ;) E ainda bem que o meu inglês é bom eh eh
    Que é que eu posso dizer: este começo foi o primeiro passo para um blog estupendo não é?
    Só te falta uma menina (não sei se estou abusando, se estiver, desculpa, não é por mal)


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